Joanna Ciechanowska


SVALBARD – climate change

Climate change project

First part 2010 – 11

This work has won an honorary jury award at the VI International Biennale of Painting “Colours and Textures” 2011 in Gdynia, Poland, 2011.

The idea for series of paintings “Svalbard-climate change” formed after two journeys to the Arctic. In the centre of the concept is an attempt to show a change, which is causing controversy in the scientific world and doubts as to the cause and consequences of it.
The result is uncertainty, restlessness, speculation and attempts at establishing blame, rather then solution to the problem which seems distant, unclear and disputed, and despite the obvious evidence, mostly ignored and questioned.

“The six individual paintings: ‘Bird’, ‘Exploration’, ‘Arctic Fox’, ‘Polar Bear eating Seal’, ‘Whale’, ‘Kamchatka Crab’ exhibited as one, are intending to blur the borders, disturbing the obvious between the real and the abstract, until the viewer feels restless, uncertain at what he is looking for, whilst provoking the need to look further, beyond the painting, beyond the obvious evidence.
And with that, uncovering a personal reaction similar to the discussions on climate change; is it really happening or it is only a manipulation of scientific data? Can the Polar Bear or Arctic Fox in the painting really be seen or do they only exist in viewers imagination?”